I learned to appreciate every moment

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Hello everybody:) I want to tell a story about my trip in 2011 summer. I am a lucky girl who had a vocation in the USA. It wasn't very easy, wasn't very difficult but it was worth it. I spent 4 weeks in American family in Colorado, Colorado Springs. It is a hot state with 300 sunny days a year. And the fifth week was in the capital of the US Washington DC.

The first impressions were indescribable. I couldn't believein all things happened around me, It was like a fairy-tale and all people seemed wizards and fairies. Everybody was very polite. Americans can always help you, always say "thank you", "please","how are you" with smiles on their faces!

My family were very kind too. There were 4 children: uncle Aaron, Gabrielle, Devin and Jay, so living with them wasn't boring. Very often their friends came in our house, we gathered together and played different table games. They have unusual parties with neighbors and barbecue in the backyard.

Also I like to remember the Independence Day with concert, patriotic songs and fireworks. America is a independent and democratic country. I can spend hours talking about it with my host father David.

In addition, my father and brother are interested in guns. And it was the first time for me shooting real guns. And it was surprising for me that keeping guns is legal in the USA and almost every family has a gun!

Every week me and my mom Theresa went shopping. I had not really understood what does it mean before.. but.. when I tried it.. yahoo it is cool! It can help you to relive stress when you spend a lot of dollars on things that you don't really need, but you like them :) I miss that feelings.

Every day except the weekends we had different activities in our state. Our coordinator decided to acquaint us with american teenagers, so our first activity was the FFA Colt Camp. I want to notice, that all teenagers from my state are very different from our teenagers. Americans are much kinder, have good behavior. I dont know how to describe it but I was surprised. All children are very friendly. And if our children prefer cheating - they are very honest.

Next activity was a trip on a Royal Gorge. It is a bridge over the large cliff with a river, mountains and rockies.

Thank you, Holly, for another unforgettable activity. It was awful and EXITING AT THE SAME TIME!!! Our group broke 26km for 3 days in mountains with huge bagpacks (25kg!). I was even crying, because it was so hard. Sleeping in tents in sleeping bags, cooking on fire, saving food from bears at night, snowy rockies - everything is dangerous and difficult but it was days which I NEVER FORGET!!!! :) Thank you, once again!

Visiting baseball game was cool too because it is new for me, but i didn't really understand the rules, so it was so long and boring for me :(

A lot of fun I had in waterpark and amusement park with roller-coasters. It was scary and exciting.

Then I did a real horse-riding in the mountains under the rain. It was so romantic, but my horse Ghost was crazy:) And he always wanted to be the first.

Yes, we had a lot of another activities in CO but we were in Washington DC too. As I said it was for a week . There we saw the White House. As i said, the USA is a democratic country and everyday people, who dont agree with politics in America, can stand near the White House with posters against it. Also we saw the Capitol, a lot of museums, Washington Monument, Linkoln Monument. We watched a misical "Okhlahoma". We had a lot of meetings with senators of the USA and I felt myself like a real politic person.

Haha i had my own activity in Hospital with stomach flu. I liked the activity because it was my first time in hospital in my life. I was scared but it was worth it to appear in real american hospital like in Doctor House film :)
And in the end we had an evening trip with my knew friends .

In America I learned how to be happy! How to appreciate every moment of life. I want to visit the USA again and again. To remember these feeling forever.


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